Sunday, 3 April 2011

There is a company in California that takes the two of your names and makes a professional mould type thing which they then stamp into the tree. After that they take a photo of it and mail it right to your home address. If you ever happen to be in the area you can even go and check it out and it will most probably still be there if there hasn't been any property developments on the location. For our twentieth wedding anniversary I made an order and as luck would have it the picture arrived on the morning her family turned up with the kids in tow and a huge gift and all that. I've always kinda wanted to impress her dad, Dave, and I could see that he was made-up when we unwrapped the picture, which they had framed with a pearl border. Caroline was staring at it for an age and I guessed that she didn't want to look up cause there were tears in her eyes. So I took a couple of minutes to explain to Dave about what a great idea it was and all but then Caroline looked at me coldly and asked me why I hadn't just carved it in the oak at the bottom of the garden myself. I think it was disagreements like this that led to the eventual break-up of my marriage three years later.

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